Valley Ventures is dedicated to the advancement of water, energy or technology startups focused on agricultural applications through a four-month accelerator program.

We are proud to present the past and present cohorts of the Valley Ventures program. Every year we have two cohorts, a Spring and Fall session. These participating companies compose some of the most driven, growth-oriented ventures in the agriculture, water, and energy space. If you’d like to learn more about the participating companies browse through our cohort list and feel free to visit their websites by clicking on the cohort image below.

Fall 2017 Cohort
Spring 2018 Cohort
Fall 2018 Cohort


Cohort Results to Date:

• The collective cohort raised an additional $5,000,000 in venture capital  and angel investment. 

• Aggregate cohort sales more than DOUBLED on an annual basis over the three month basis.

• 80% of companies that were already producing revenue, saw an median of 25% increase in their month over month revenue growth.

• 60% of companies that started with no revenue, graduated with their first months or revenue.

• 40% of companies raised venture funding directly related from connections made through Valley Ventures.

• 60% of companies reported sales directly from introductions and networking events facilitated by Valley Ventures.



What our Fall 2017 participants are saying:

“Sales growth is what drives start-up company value. To focus on the Valley Ventures program on sales is exactly what     I need to get my venture off the ground.”

“Navigating the world of venture capital can be extremely difficult, especially if you’ve never raised money before. The     Valley Ventures program not only helped us understand the process, but even helped us with our strategy and       connections to raise the money we needed.”

“Customer acquisition is something we have had issues with, and what we were hoping to get help with through Valley     Ventures. Throughout the program I’ve picked up the mentality and understanding to continually apply innovation to     reaching new customers.”

“The best part of Valley Ventures is the industry focus. Most of the companies in the accelerator operate in the water         and agriculture nexus, so having mentors and material that address our specific needs is extremely helpful.”

“Everything I’ve learned in the program has immense real world application. I was concerned it feel like going back to school, but working with experienced mentors on the real issues my business faces would say otherwise.”