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Participants in our accelerator program experience mentorship and engagement with top-tier industry leaders in agriculture and technology.

Aquaoso saw the need to develop a unified, automated platform to buy, sell and research water rights in order to build a water resilient future through advanced technologies. Their water trading platform provides transparency and insight that enables smart water markets that significantly saves money and time, reduces risk and encourages the efficient use of water.

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The Avsonic automated cattle soaker provides dairy farmer with a better system in which to keep their cattle cool and reduce wasteful use of water in the process. System installation seamlessly integrates with current cattle soaking systems, and is a cost effective solution with an impressive ROI for dairy operations.

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BovControl has set out to create the “internet of cows”. The Internet of Cows is an initiative led by BovControl to connect every cow on the planet to the cloud, improving data collection throughout the cattle production value chain, and thereby improving production and efficiency of the whole cattle industry.

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Deep Root Irrigation Technology provides a DIRECT DELIVERY alternative to Drip, spray, and flooding technologies. The DRI unit promotes downward root growth that saves water and increases the economics of a farming operation.

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The Eco2Mix mission is to design the best ecological solution for water pH control in irrigation systems and other water treatment industry, helping the environment by replacing the use of toxic and dangerous Sulfuric Acid with CO2 instead.

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FluidPulse™ technology automates valves with fluidic-signals transmitted through existing water pipelines. The FluidPulse valve is durable, labor friendly, and of lower cost compared to traditional wireless valves.

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GroGuru provides highly accurate, affordable, and reliable sensors that are easy to install and maintain. Real-time access to data is available on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Services such as irrigation scheduling and threshold-based alerts are supported through monthly subscription.

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The Nanomass process converts biomass into a powdered fuel that can be used in coal power plants as a source of renewable energy. Nanomass has set out to utilize fire hazardous biomass, that is just currently being incinerated to prevent wildfires, as the fuel for tomorrow’s renewable energy source.

Monitoring by REDtrac® provides all the information you need for informed actions about your wells, water and soils, plus management of your booster/filter stations and ponds. REDtrac’s WATERtrac® system monitors all aspects of an operation, for both SGMA compliance and internal management requirements.

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